Basketball Cup & Ball Craft


  1. Paint an orange stripe around the rim of the white plastic cup.
  2. With the silver Sharpie, draw diagonal lines one direction all the way around the cup. Then draw them the other direction all the way around the cup.
  3. With the black Sharpie, draw basketball lines on the orange ping pong ball.
  4. Cut your wooden chopstick in half.
  5. Carefully, make a hole – slightly smaller than the chopstick – about 1/3 of the way up the side of the cup. Insert the chopstick into the hole.
  6. Cut a piece of string, roughly 12-18 inches long.
  7. Thread a needle with the string and push up thought the bottom of the cup. Tie off the end inside the cup.
  8. Insert the other end of the string completely through the ping pong ball and tie off at the end.
  9. Play with the basketball cup and ball craft by trying to swing the ball into the cup!


White plastic bath cups – Available at Walmart   •   Orange paint  •  Silver SharpieOrange ping pong balls  •  Black Sharpie  •  Something to pierce the holes in the cup – Screwdriver, etc.   •  Wood Chopsticks  •  String – Embroidery floss would work best