Paper Plate Sports Craft


  1. Paint one plate yellow, one plate orange and leave one plate white and let dry.
  2. Once your plates are dry, draw your lines on your balls with a pen or pencil.
  3. For the paper plate basketball, draw one curved line from the top to bottom towards the right side. A curved lined just like the first thought the center. Then one more on the top and bottom like picture. Trace the lines with black puffy paint.
  4. For the paper plate tennis ball, draw an hour glass shape with a rounded top like pictured. Trace the line with white puffy paint.
  5. For the paper plate baseball, draw a “U” shape with the top sides being fairly close together. Trace the line with red puffy paint. Finish your baseball by overlapping your “U” shape with short lines for the stitches.

Let your plates fully dry. Add a magnet to the back to display on the fridge or tape a string to the back to hang on the wall. Play ball!


Small Paper Plates   –   Orange Craft Paint   –   Yellow Craft Paint   –   Paint Brushes   –   White Puffy Paint   –   Black Puffy Paint   –   Red Puffy Paint